Our brand


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, especially since the growing fast-fashion trend, which assumes that products are literally manufactured, consumed and discarded in a short period of time. We believe it is time to change our consumption habits and ways of life in favor of the environment and its emerging needs.

Thus, in 2021 Missfischer was born, arising from the need and dream of creating a quality sustainable clothing brand allied with the founder's passion for sewing and fashion. 


A Portuguese brand that aims to teach people that clothes and fabrics can have a second purpose, using the scraps of various quality fabrics or garments that are no longer used to create a durable, quality garment.

We create unique garments with quality fabrics that tell a story.


The fashion industry is one of the big sources of pollution and waste. Giving a second purpose to our fabrics, rather than leaving them hanging in our wardrobe, will care for our environment, people, animals, and plants. As individuals and as a company, we strive to live in a fair and sustainable world, for ourselves and future generations.

In addition to using quality fabrics and leftover fabrics from luxury brands, we also produce pieces with clothes and fabrics that the customer has at home - giving clothes a new opportunity without waste.  In this way, the brand believes that reusing what already exists is an excellent way to create products.


Inspired on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries TV and Hermann Emil Fischer who was a German chemist.

Sustainability and circular economy

Today’s society is faced with the challenges of reducing the impact of human activities on natural processes and the consumption of natural resources by manufacturing processes, as well as reducing poverty and improving labor conditions. The fashion industry significantly impacts the environment, as well as society.

We are aware that the act of buying has become much more than purchasing a product. We believe in a more ethical and transparent fashion industry. Our parts are produced without waste and using the most ecological materials. We want to teach people that clothing can have a second purpose.

Products made with natural and sustainable fabrics.
Products made in Portugal with the greatest love and care
Best quality/price guaranteed